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How to find the right engagement and wedding ring

Buying a wedding ring and engagement ring is a big deal.
If everything works out as planned then you'll only get married once in your life, which means you could be wearing that one ring you get on your engagement and on your wedding day for the rest of your life.
So if youre looking to buy a ring for your wedding, or to give to a special someone we thought we'd help out by sharing the story of one of our customers and how she found her rings.

1920s Art Deco Engagement Ring | Finding Antique Wedding Ring | Belmont Jewellers London UK
26-year-old Samina is the proud wearer of a beautiful 1920s art deco ring bought for her by her fiance Will.
Here she tells us how he found it for her:
I really wasn't expecting Will to propose when he did.
We had talked about getting married but I'd imagined it being some time off. I couldn't believe it when he got down on one knee for me.
We had looked at some engagement rings together and joked about how our wedding would be, but I had always thought it was just joking around.
Even though I'd told Will how I'd like to be proposed to I still didn't think he'd do it for quite a while.
In fact, by the time he asked me to marry him we hadn't even talked about marriage or looked at engagement rings for some time.
He said that's how he knew he'd found the right ring.
We had looked online at vintage and art deco rings a few months before we got engaged and we'd been to a high street jewellers where I'd made it obvious I didn't like new rings.
Then one day we happened to be passing Belmont and decided to look in the window.
I saw a few rings I liked and we went inside where I tried on one or two. I loved one of them, which luckily fit perfectly, the one Will would ultimately buy for me.
We had both treated the trip into Belmont as something to do because it was nice, not as any serious attempt to find an engagement ring.
But according to Will I stopped talking about finding my dream engagement ring after that – and he said that's how he knew it was the one for me.
Two months later I couldn't believe it when I opened a vintage red leather ring box to find the ring looking up at me.
Now we've been engaged for nine months, and are getting married in a little over a year, we're planning on coming back to Belmont to find the perfect wedding ring.