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Google Glass could revolutionise jewel industry

Google has changed the world over the years, so much so Google is now a verb "to Google", to look something up.
It's changed the jewellery industry, as it's allowed so much business to be done online that some companies no longer even have stores but simply operate online. What Google hasn't done though, is change the way business is conducted inside a jewellers doors, but that could be about to change.

Google Glass Antique Vintage Rings
The latest Google technology is Google Glass, a tiny computer which fits onto the frame of a pair of glasses and uses the lens to project images which are controlled by the wearer's voice - effectively the world's first smart glasses.
Although Glass isn't available in the UK yet, it could be set to change the way jewellers work thanks to one of its uses.
That's because a diamond sourcing business has demonstrated how Glass could be used by jewellery stores to work with diamond suppliers and customers, and also fight back against online competitors.
Jewellery experts working for the company have been able to wear Glass while examining diamonds and other jewels, and share their view with other staff and customers watching online through their own Glass.
The company's website gives customers the option of asking staff to show them a particular jewel in real time video using Glass, while the technology is also useful in valuing and examining diamonds.
Glass is also able to bring up information on jewels while they're being examined, including current market prices, making it easier to value jewels.
Customers can also try out Glass while examining a diamond and will be able to see information about jewellery for themselves, giving them confidence that staff are being entirely open and honest about what to look for in a jewel.
Glass has been useful for keeping up to speed with online business too, since wearers are able to receive emails sent to company websites live, and respond immediately.
Although Glass isn't yet available in the UK we're looking forward to a time when it is, and will be keeping tabs on how its use in the jewellery industry develops.
There may soon be a time when anyone looking for antique engagement rings will be able to pop into our store and try on a pair of Google Glasses to see their chosen jewellery from an expert's point of view!